At a time when public education is under attack, we need leaders who demonstrate a commitment to the public education system, who are transparent communicators, and who are willing to listen and form educated, equitable, policy-based decisions.

what makes me qualified?

I am the most qualified candidate for Griffin School Board Position No. 1 because of my passion for fostering positive change and my proven commitment to our community's children.  My leadership skills, ability to collaborate with diverse stakeholders, and dedication to ensuring all students receive a high-quality education set me apart.  Moreover, my ongoing involvement in Griffin School District as a parent volunteer and substitute teacher demonstrate my commitment to our students' well-being and success.  Having spent a significant amount of time in Griffin has allowed me to connect with students, teachers, administrators, and parents and understand the challenges they face from a first-hand perspective.  I also have extensive experience in business finance managing multi-million-dollar budgets and grants.  Given these skills and talents, I really am the best candidate to guide Griffin School District into a brighter future.


Successful leaders listen more than lecture, are able to compromise, and keep the end goal in mind at all times.  At Griffin School District, our priority should always be putting our students first and doing what is best for them!!!

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