"The National Women's Political Caucus of Washington is a multi-partisan grassroots membership organization dedicated to increasing the number of women in elected and appointed offices at all levels of government.  Our mission is to identify, mentor, educate and support women leaders in our community who demonstrate a commitment to reproductive freedom and women's economic and social equality and equity."


"Thurston Country Democratic Women is a proud political fixture of Thurston County, WA. We are a longstanding organization that strives to empower Democratic, womxn candidates in our community and further the Democratic platform in Thurston County. With your help, we can promote gender equity in local politics and elect the next generation of strong leaders."


"We, the Thurston County Democratic Party, believe that all powers to govern reside with the people. We are committed to be a party open to recognize all who represent our values and principles, regardless of their political affiliation. We strive for maximum participation in the political process, and the defense of civil liberties, human rights, and democratic decision making at all levels."


"Tesa has proven a dedication to seeking the knowledge necessary to fulfill her commitment to constituents. I am convinced she will be able to take office with a solid foundation of knowledge and clear understanding of what this position requires." 

                                            --Jeff Gadman, Thurston County Treasurer

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