I am a dedicated leader committed to high-quality education for every student in Griffin School District.  My comprehensive platform that addresses key issues facing Griffin School District focuses on 5 key issues:

Positive learning environment for all

I understand the critical role parents play in their child's education as their first teacher.  I will work towards creating a collaborative partnership with parents, teachers, and community stakeholders to support a POSITIVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT FOR ALL.  

All children want to learn and grow in a place where they feel safe, accepted, and included.  Studies have shown that students who learn in an inclusive school space perform better academically, have higher attendance rates, and have fewer behavioral concerns.

Comprehensive support services

I will champion efforts to provide students with COMPREHENSIVE SUPPORT SERVICES, including counseling, mental health resources, and wellness programs.  By collaborating with community organizations, educators and parents, I will work toward creating a nurturing and inclusive school environment that supports the holistic well-being of every student. I firmly believe that when students feel supported and empowered, they can thrive academically and personally.

I am so proud of the strides Griffin School District has already made by hiring two guidance counselors along with a Behavior Tech., Behavior Specialist, and Behavior Analyst.  I am excited that the Second Step, evidence based social emotional learning curriculum will be implemented into every grade level at Griffin.  Decades of research show positive effects of classroom-based social emotional learning programs.  These programs have the effect of building stronger community and help support inclusive, equitable learning.

Strategic Plan

I encourage community involvement for the creation of a STRATEGIC PLAN with specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound goals and a vision for Griffin School District's future.  A strategic plan helps promote accountability among school administrators, teachers, and staff and encourages a culture of continuous improvement.

long term sustainability

Along with continuing to support maintenance and operations levies, I will bring in, or partner with, outside sources to explore resource development, i.e. grants, to make sure our students and teachers have the materials and training they need.  LONG-TERM SUSTAINABILITY is ensured when we address financial challenges proactively rather than reactively.  

Our levies, all of our tax dollars, make up a significant amount of our overall budget, nearly a quarter of it.  It is important to continue to educate the community on the importance of those levies.  Griffin School will struggle to keep its doors open without those maintenance and operations levies. 

high academic expectations

I will advocate for innovative, research-based educational programs with proven results that will help EVERY student reach their full potential.  By setting HIGH ACADEMIC EXPECTATIONS and using data-driven decision making, excellence in education is attainable for ALL students. 

As a Board member, my role is to allow the instructional materials committee, which should be composed of teachers and parents, to make recommendations to the board with documented research and a clear connection to the state learning standards.  Board members are then responsible to adopt curriculum recommendations, or require the committee to come back with further requested changes, or after conducting more research into best practices and rationale for adopting specific curriculum programs.  

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